Thank you for all your support. We will continue to strive to expand our services and help out our customers any way we can. If you have questions or concerns about your home, we can help point you in the right direction.

If you are curious whether or not we can do something, drop us a line. We may offer the service, or may be able to help you out and expand our services.


Whether you are buying a new piece of Real Estate or just maintaining

your home, inspection services may be for you.

Reasons for Inspections-

Everyone can always learn something, and we hope that we can shed some light on the home even if you are the most seasoned professional. We take everything we do very seriously and give all our effort in hopes we can help you learn something you didn’t not see or know about. 


Your Benefits-

Why Us - We are proud to offer an extensive home inspection that meets NACHI and ASHI standards. One recommendation we like to make is to do a few extras such as maybe take some air samples while we are there at a discounted rate, to help ensure that there is no mold present, we perform all our mold services according to NAMRI Standards. Also maybe add some thermal imaging for the electrical system to help further the inspection along, I have currently been doing electrical work for the past ten years and feel very comfortable with our electrical thermal imaging.


Are you the “Get ‘R Done” type that takes pride in fixing things on your own. We can appreciate that, and we can help you build a list of defects. We can try to help you prioritize them to best suit your needs. Sometimes people are more than capable but just do not know where to look.


Busy? Enjoy the finer things in life? Perfect! I congratulate you if it is the latter, most of the time I myself am just busy, but we can help you get those defects listed and you can save money and time when having a specialist come in to correct them. Who doesn’t like saving money? 


Sellers - 

Whether you have been at your home for one month or twenty years, you may have become accustom to issues and now subconsciously do not even think about them. We can help you prepare for a smoother transaction come sale time, whether you want to incorporate the defects in your price or try to fix some of them. Don’t let a few little things become a lengthy conversation during the time of sale. The more you know ahead of time the faster your process of selling can go.


Buyers -

What is a Home Inspector? They generalize in homes, as for us, we try to determine defects based on a few different criteria; Commonness (Whether the age or area has certain traits to look for), Financial (We do not want you to be surprised with a big bill for something you may have overlooked, as well as you can appreciate the work that may have already been done), and most important to us is Safety of your perspective property (We want to do everything we can to help you feel safe with the home).

Buyers can often be swept away in the excitement of purchasing a home, it is one of the biggest decisions a person or family can make. Even outside family members can sometimes be excited for you as well and though their support is wonderful, guidance can be hindered. Independent Home Inspectors can be a great tool to use since they do not need to be emotionally involved. 


Current Home Owners -

Have you ever wondered about something in your home that concerned you? Maybe it only raised your eyebrows but you never pursued it further. Well sometimes things are a lot simpler than one would think. Especially when a phone call is free. We may be able to help. A home is a place that you should ALWAYS be able to feel safe in.

Worried about hiring contractors to come in and give an opinion? 

Worried about someone trying to sell you something you might not need?

How about being worried about paying high prices for a company to come look at your home to inspect something that turns out to be ok?

Well we can help!!! We do not sell any products, and maybe you do need a plumber but maybe not an electrician or roofer, well we can help you determine if a higher priced specialist is needed.

If safety is a concern and finances are an issue, we will try to work with you the best we can to help you get the most for your money.


Overall -

You should be comfortable with your inspector, whoever you choose. We recommend talking with them and know that you are working together as a team. It is a good idea to talk with your inspector, Make sure they are a perfect fit for you, for all things you may have an inspector hired for. Especially when it comes to a Home Inspection, this is one of your biggest investments in your life then you should try to help yourself out and be as educated as possible. 



Remember to plan ahead so you don’t find yourself rushed at the end of a sale and compromise your inspections.

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