General Home Inspections

What is a home inspection? Do you know?


Well a home inspection is generally done when buying or selling a home. It is a general overview of the property done by a generalist. It is not to be construed as a warranty, an appraisal, or a guarantee. 

It is a detailed inspection of the home given the cost and time involved.

No home inspector will catch every defect of every home, and chances are, if a home inspector goes back the next day they could probably find something else. The majority of these defects can be caught within a few hours. If an inspector spends an extra 10 hours and finds say 4 more defects it really isn't feasible at that point.


If you feel you would like a detailed specialized inspection then it would be best to hire separate companies for this which would include a electrical company, a plumbing company, a roofing company, etc.

If you need help with this we do offer a comprehensive inspection where we will bring in separate contractors. Keep in mind this can take a matter of weeks to complete and involves many hours of labor so the cost is high, but it is still an option.


Our generalized home inspections meet NACHI and ASHI standards. We will make our best effort to give you the best service we can provide. We pride ourselves in making every effort to be as thorough as we can. It is recommended that the client is there at least toward the end of the inspection so any questions can be answered and addressed before the final report.


Our ultimate goal is for you to be happy with our services.

Ask about our special pricing for Home Inspections with added services.

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