Mold Inspections/Sampling

Mold Sampling

Samples Start at $99 each, minimum of 2


Do you have mold anywhere in your house?

How about some moldy bread? 

Think about how fast it spreads on a loaf of bread or brick of cheese. Now this is not what we are looking for but it will show you how fast it spreads. If the conditions are right, mold can form in as little as 48 hours and can spread fast. Certain materials cannot be simply cleaned, if it is too porous or rough like say a 2x4 then it will likely return over and over because it is not being cleaned thoroughly and needs replaced. 

So a little moldy patch might not be a big issue, but be sure to address it as soon as possible before it has a chance to spread costing a detrimental amount of money.



We currently offer several types of sampling for mold including

Air Sampling

Swab Sampling 

Tape Sampling

Bulk Sampling

In-wall Sampling


If there is reason to believe mold is hidden behind a wall or tucked in a duct, we do have a few options available to test and inspect the areas some only requiring a small hole to be drilled with the approval of the client. In some cases we may be able to gain full access with no damage whatsoever.


Not all sampling is practical or necessary, however sometimes it can help detect a dangerous or expensive situation that otherwise would have went undetected.  


Our mold lab is located in Florida where the samples are sent. They are promptly analyzed and a detailed report is then emailed back. ProLab is a reputable company and will help answer your questions as well if you feel further explanation is needed after we go through the results with you.

Mold Inspections

Inspections staring at $125


We follow NAMRI Standards with all of our mold services.

We offer a thorough mold inspection service to detect conducive conditions leading to moisture in your home. If you find mold there is always a cause. You can clean it all day long, replace the materials, and try your hardest it will be back unless you find the source of the problem. Before cleanup begins that source needs to be corrected. We do have mold issues here in Montana but luckily it is rarely a natural event, this means that mold is most likely due to a correctable condition. Leaky pipes, inadequate drainage, improper ventilation are just a few things that if left with the right conditions can destroy a home and even worse, cause health concerns for you or your family.



An independent third party not involved with the cleanup is the best option.


Learn more about mold....



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