This is our Walk-Thru Inspection. Some people do not feel that they need to have a home inspection. This is a more economical way to help give you that little bit of outside perspective. It is fast, simple, and affordable. LEARN MORE.....

Mold Inspections and Sampling

Our Mold Inspection brings to light conducive conditions to moisture/mold as well pin points the mold issue. We offer swab, tape, air, and in-wall sampling methods.

We have competitive sample rates and we do perform mold sampling without a full inspection. After our lab results are returned, we help you interpret the results so you can understand exactly what they mean. LEARN MORE.....

Partial Inspections

Not worried about your whole house, just have a concern with one or two areas?

We offer a limited partial inspection service and will try to work with you for even more cost savings. Click to see some examples of a few of the things we offer. This is our most practical line of services for the common homeowner. LEARN MORE.....

Radon (Coming Soon)

We are still working on trying to be able to provide a good quality, trustworthy radon report to our clients. We have had an extremely busy schedule this year and it will be offered soon.

General Thermal Inspection

Our General Thermal Inspection is by far our most appealing inspection service. We identify and report on electrical defects as well as moisture issues evident by use of thermal imagery as well as non-destructive moisture metering. This is a non-intrusive, visual examination. LEARN MORE.....

Structural Pest (WDO) Inspection

Our Structural Pest Inspection is a detailed report of the property. We will detect conducive conditions as well as any active/previous infestations to the best of our ability. If we do find any friends trying to move in, the best way to deal with them is identify the intruders, which is what we do. You will then be prepared to contract proper services to elimate your visitors. LEARN MORE.....

More to come.....

Have something specific you would like to see us offer? Let us know about it. We are currently trying to expand our services, and would love to have customer input. We are just an email or phone call away.


General Home Inspection

Our General Home Inspection is a thorough check of the home. The goal is to limit any surprises to the Client, so they feel better informed about their current or prospective property. We have no gimmicks, no products to sell, and we want all inspections to be true and honest. No ulterior motives. LEARN MORE.....

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Home Inspections, Thermal Inspections, Mold Inspections, Mold Sampling, Pest Inspections. Performed by a Professional Inspector.

Serving Deer Lodge, Anaconda, Butte Montana and Surrounding Areas Real Estate Market.

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