Partial Inspections/Consults

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Some of our Services are listed below. Remember if we are already there doing another service our costs go down for add-ons, therefore your costs go down as well.

As part of our partial inspections, consulting is also included. So if you have a question or concern and do not know where to start, look no further. We can shed some light on the subject and point you in the right direction, or may even be able to answer the questions right there. We are constantly making new contacts to better further our knowledge and can pass on what we know to you.


We offer quick service consults as well as full reports, depending on your needs and price point.

Not sure if we can do it? Only one way to find out, EMAIL or CALL today! If we can't we will guide you in the right direction.

Please be aware that some partial inspections may require a more further in depth inspection to increase accuracy.

Sometimes with a partial inspection, it is a specific concern. Therefore, a specialist may better suit your needs, for example a roofing concern might be best to have a roofing specialist. We want to make sure you invest wisely, even if that means bypassing our services. However, if you are worried about a possible "sales pitch" from a contractor we would be happy to give our opinion to help out your situation. We are always more than happy to team up with you and help you out any way we can. There are many times where the issue may not be trade specific and you just need a little guidance, we are here to help. One of the main things we are asked is if we can take some thermal images of an area that concerns our clients, or use our boroscope camera to look inside a concealed place with our 16' extension. These would be good examples of something that we may be able to help with.

Thermal Imaging/Moisture Metering

If you are worried about electrical hot spots, hidden moisture, or anything related to temperature, then you can consider our thermal imaging service. We use infrared technology to see what our eyes won't let us. Don't wait to address a potentially serious issue. This service is available as a partial or full inspection.

Hornets, Bees, Wasps

Have a situation with some uninvited guests? We can help identify the culprit as well as try to pinpoint there nest, whether it be inside a wall, under a log, or behind the garage. They may be traveling onto your property from an outside location, but we will try to help pinpoint, and then can point you in the right direction to help reduce your safety risks.

Boroscope Inspection Camera

We can use our inspection camera to capture pictures using our 16' extension end. Good for accessing behind walls for leaks, pests, or just the unknown. Anywhere that has a tiny opening or where we can make a small opening for access. This option can sometimes save a lot of money instead of tearing down a wall to find out you didn't need to, or vise versa.

Breaker Identification

Ever had an emergency and needed to shut off a breaker? I hope you haven't and that you don't.

Not sure what breaker controls something. We can help trace out the circuits to determine, what goes where. Some older homes have had a lot of add-ons done, but we can help you find out which breaker goes to what. Hopefully we can help you prepare for the emergencies you never have.

Fluorescent Bulb/Ballast Testing

With bulbs costing around $8 each and ballasts costing around $30 each, it's nice to know which ones actually need changed out. If you have a multiple lights that have issues, it may be worth considering this service. It general takes about 90 seconds per fixture, depending on access. It is very economical if we are already there for another service as well. 

More to come....

We are constantly adding to our services, and some things are just too off the wall to list. If you have a concern and are curious, drop us a line. We will try to help or at least point you in the right direction. 

If it has to do with your home, we want to hear about it!

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