As low as $60


Why choose a Quick-Spect? 

Well a home inspection is generally done when buying or selling a home. It is a detailed inspection of the home given the cost and time involved. 


A Quick-Spect Inspection is a "Walk-Thru Red Flag Inspection Service" that we offer. It will not replace a Full General Home Inspection. It does not follow any guidelines or industry standards for Home Inspections. 


This service may suit your needs if you are an experienced individual who does not feel that a Full General Home Inspection will be beneficial to you. We walk through the property and note any red flags that stand out at a quick glance. We can provide this service with or without a report. There are no thorough checks, just a smooth overview of what we see and if anything stands out. Then you can further pursue looking into any "red flags" that are identified.

This is not a service you would want to use to secure a mortgage, and as always the more thorough, the better. We recommend the Full General Home Inspection to everyone, but understand that it is not always practical and something is always better than nothing at all. We want to work with you to help get you the best we can for your time and budget.

Sometimes even an experienced person needs a little outside, emotionally unattached, third party perspective to catch something that may be overlooked.

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Home Inspections, Thermal Inspections, Mold Inspections, Mold Sampling, Pest Inspections. Performed by a Professional Inspector.

Serving Deer Lodge, Anaconda, Butte Montana and Surrounding Areas Real Estate Market.

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